Getting dumped is romantic!

November 19, 2009 at 11:56 am (I Write a Teen Romance)

It has recently come to my attention that teenage girls love nothing more than getting dumped for their own good. I thank the author of Twilight for this brilliant insight. I will now co-opt that idea for my own, superior supernatural teenage romance/dump drama!

Although, apparently, no one loves getting dumped when their biological clock is ticking!!

Josiah (or something), the Bulgarian Demon, and Whatserella were enjoying their twentieth date or something (note: I may or may not get around to writing about their previous dates, but rest assured, they were filled with dialogue like: “You make me glad I left the fiery pits of the Bulgarian hell to experience suburban dating,” and “I’m nothing without you,” and “My entire existence is meaningless if I’m not in a relationship! Errrr…with you.”) when suddenly Joseph (or something) looked seriously at Whatserella. You might even call it gazing. Yeah, yeah, he gazed seriously at Whatserella, whose cheeks flushed red under his insightful eyes.

“You’re looking at me so intently,” she said, because you might not have gotten it just from reading it the first time.

“I just … I don’t want to ever hurt you,” he said.

“Oh, Jeffrey (or something),” she sighed, and leaned against him on the ferris wheel. (Did I not mention their 20th date or something is at the fairgrounds and they’re riding the ferris wheel? Because I totally meant to, I swear.)

Also, this guy was there, but I didn't want to ruin the romantic imagery.

He pushed her away determinedly.

“Why have you pushed me away so determinedly?” she asked.

“Because,” he said. “This. Has. To. End.”

Whatserella sniffled a bit. “But why?”

“The thing I said earlier. You know, not wanting to hurt you.”

“But how could you hurt me?! We love each other!”

“Well, I have a barbed –” and he leaned over and whispered a word in her ear. That word rhymed with “weenus.”

Hey, did you know this was a weenus? Or even that there was such a thing as a weenus?

“Oh,” she said solemnly. “Yes. That would hurt indeed.”



  1. Rachel said,

    This is fabulous and makes me giggle.

    • lokifire said,

      Like my flamboyantly gay friend, I love doing things fabulously.

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