Things I love about Chuck

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No, this isn’t a post about my new boyfriend. It’s a post about my TV boyfriend and the show he stars on! (It’s called Chuck.)

Chuck returns to the airwaves on Sunday, and I’m celebrating. (Mostly by drinking profusely. (It’s how I celebrate — and mourn — everything.))

There are many things I love about Chuck. Here are 10 of them.

1. The soundtrack. Chuck is a great show for mixing some great indie- and alterna-rock songs with stuff that makes you go, “Huey Lewis and the News? Really, Chuck? Did you set your alarm to that because you knew you couldn’t possibly sleep through it? Really?” Remember that episode where they did a stakeout and Chuck was in the car and he’d made a mix tape and it had “Private Eyes” on it? That was so funny!

It's hard to find a picture of music.

2. Jeffster! Speaking of the soundtrack, I love Jeff and Lester’s band Jeffster! and their excellent covers of Mr. Roboto and Africa. Normally, I hate the song Mr. Roboto, but when it’s being played at a wedding and spies are battling to the death in the reception area, I find myself having feelings of fondness for it.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

3. Zachary Levi. OK, I admit it. I’m a girl geek. (What?! Really?!) And if all the boy geeks were tall guys with floppy hair and good personalities, I would still be screwed, because they date beautiful blonde CIA agents instead of me.

It was hard to choose between all the photos of his winning smile, so I picked this one, where he's not smiling at all. *Sighhhhh*

4. John Casey. The other Baldwin! Not one of the Baldwin brothers! John Casey is just great, with his ass-kicking and Reagan photo collection and the way he always shoves Morgan in the face. Also his mini quiches.

I don't joke about mini quiches.

5. Chuck’s Y The Last Man poster. Chuck has a Y The Last Man poster! Chuck has a Y The Last Man poster!

I think it's this one.

6. The guest stars. They’ve gotten Caprica 6. The guy from Quantum Leap. Chevy Chase. The little guy who played the evil gymnast who has been in all sorts of horrible children’s movies.

Tricia Helfer is MADE of awesome.

7. Captain Awesome. How awesome is Captain Awesome? He’s so awesome. I love how things are either “awesome” or “so not awesome” to him. It’s nice to see things in blacks and whites like that. Plus, he’s totally comfortable with himself and knows how to tango. What a guy!

Captain Awesome: his awesomeness extends to picking out Halloween costumes.

8. Anna. Sure, she’s settling for Morgan, but he’s sweet. Anna is a petite, ass-kicking, black eyeliner-wearing, supra-computer geek of a girl and I would want her to be my bff, if I wasn’t kind of intimidated by her.

I think I love you, Anna Wu.

9. Bryce Larkin. He might suck on White Collar, but that’s the show’s fault, not his. What a great spy! (You know, before his horrible and untimely death. Eh, well, he died before and came back, so maybe he’ll stop by for a visit in Season 3.)

When he's not busy taking names, he's busy kicking ass.

10. Chuck and Sarah’s romance. I’m not always a ‘shipper. Some shows, I’m like, “ewwww, why are we supposed to want them to hook up?” This show, though, I’m like, “c’mon, supercomputer-brain geek guy and pretty blonde spy! Admit your love already! Admit it! Why won’t you admit it???!!!” Then I remember, “oh, right, because that’s television death. Keep up the sexual tension, y’all! Thanks!”

Damn. I can't say anything funny about this photo, because it's just that hot. I changed my mind about the sexual tension, you guys! Hook up! Hook up!


  1. Aktiv8 said,

    I feel compelled, as a tall man with floppy hair and a mostly good personality, to point out that I have never dated a blonde. I find them passive and oddly dispassionate, which probably accounts for why all of my dates have been with “minority” gals. Well, the girl from Chuck is an ass-kicking CIA agent, but there’s not a lot of those in the dating pool. So, there’s hope for you.

    • lokifire said,

      There’s double hope for me if I become an ass-kicking CIA agent, though!

  2. chio said,

    i love zachary levi is a cute guy

  3. everythingshiny said,

    Cute blog, and ITA with the Chuck love. And the Bryce Larkin love. But I’m a bit shocked that Aktiv8 there has said that he finds blondes “passive and oddly dispassionate”. Isn’t that a gross generalisation? My BFF is blonde and she’s neither passive nor dispassionate in the slightest.

    However I also consider Chuck to be my greatest TV boyfriend yet. I’d take him home to my mother in a heartbeat!!

    • lokifire said,

      Thank you! I think my blog is cute too.

  4. jake said,

    My friends think I’m in love with a guy named “chuck”. lol, I’m a guy. I just love this show. too bad anna’s gone.

    – found a new album artwork for CHUCK soundtracks… thanks.

    • lokifire said,

      I know! I miss Anna so much. I wish they’d had a better send-off for the girl.

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