The many faces of Keanu Reeves

January 8, 2010 at 12:11 pm (Top Ten) ()

Because nothing’s more fun than picking on a guy named “Keanu.”

1. Determined.

You see, here, from the slight crook of his eyebrow (the left one. HIS left one) that Keanu Reeves is portraying the emotion of "determined." If "determined" is an emotion. Whatever.

2. Happy.

See how the lips are slightly upturned? The left eyebrow slightly arched? "Happy."

3. Scared.

It's subtle, but it's clearly a wide-eyed look of abject terror. Scared!

4. Thoughtful.

Actually, it's the giant turtleneck that makes him appear thoughtful, but points for trying!

5. Sultry.

You can tell from the "come-hither" look (as evidenced by the arched left eyebrow) that Keanu Reeves is attempting to look "sultry."

6. Angry.

It's hard to be sure, but you have to assume anyone being photographed in this hat would be angry about it.

7. Headache-y.

Either that, or it's "D'oh! I forgot my pants!" Either way, hand to the head. The talented actor's depiction of "headache-y."

8. Murderous-y.

Or confused. Murderous or confused. Possibly muderously confused.

9. Hungry.

You have to look closely, but you can see a desperation in Keanu's eyes here. It's hunger. That, or he hates his stylist for that growth on his face.

10. Mysterious (-y?).

The left eyebrow is hidden at this angle, leaving us to wonder, "What is Keanu Reeves feeling at this moment?" How mysterious!


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