The many faces of Keanu Reeves

January 8, 2010 at 12:11 pm (Top Ten) ()

Because nothing’s more fun than picking on a guy named “Keanu.”

1. Determined.

You see, here, from the slight crook of his eyebrow (the left one. HIS left one) that Keanu Reeves is portraying the emotion of "determined." If "determined" is an emotion. Whatever.

2. Happy.

See how the lips are slightly upturned? The left eyebrow slightly arched? "Happy."

3. Scared.

It's subtle, but it's clearly a wide-eyed look of abject terror. Scared!

4. Thoughtful.

Actually, it's the giant turtleneck that makes him appear thoughtful, but points for trying!

5. Sultry.

You can tell from the "come-hither" look (as evidenced by the arched left eyebrow) that Keanu Reeves is attempting to look "sultry."

6. Angry.

It's hard to be sure, but you have to assume anyone being photographed in this hat would be angry about it.

7. Headache-y.

Either that, or it's "D'oh! I forgot my pants!" Either way, hand to the head. The talented actor's depiction of "headache-y."

8. Murderous-y.

Or confused. Murderous or confused. Possibly muderously confused.

9. Hungry.

You have to look closely, but you can see a desperation in Keanu's eyes here. It's hunger. That, or he hates his stylist for that growth on his face.

10. Mysterious (-y?).

The left eyebrow is hidden at this angle, leaving us to wonder, "What is Keanu Reeves feeling at this moment?" How mysterious!



  1. Aktiv8 said,

    OK, this really happened. For Christmas, my employer gave me a pocket calendar, one with inspirational quotes from famous people on every page. On the week OF MY BIRTHDAY is this “inspiring” quote:

    “You’d be surprised how far you can get in life by just paying attention.” -Keanu Reeves.

    I think my brain just vomited inside my skull.

  2. Aktiv8 said,

    Actually, my birthday’s in March. I peeked ahead in the calendar, and boy, was I glad!

    Keanu’s wisdom is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • lokifire said,

      Ha, ha, I’m going to make tee-shirts that say that.

  3. A. Big Snail said,

  4. So you think you’re dating a Hollywood movie monster: a modern teen’s guide « Hollywood Hates Me said,

    […] If you chose c), I’ll just have you know that it totally is a word because I have used it before. […]


    i i just turned 16 and my name is Keanu Wold I never heard of another name like mine and yours. That is so cool I live In Toronto

  6. nicole said,

  7. crazy-for-keanu said,

    don’t hate keanu reeves because he is the highest paid actor in the world and undeniably super hot!!!

    • lokifire said,

      Hey, he is undeniably super hot with a bunch of exclamation points behind it. And I’m sure he is among the highest paid actors in the world. That doesn’t make him a good actor, nor does it make you three separate people.

  8. nicole said,

    i don’t care what some people think, i love keanu reeves. he is the highest paid actor in the world so he must be doing something right!!!
    check this out:

    • Shelley said,

      Keanu doesn’t even own a computer…LOL u really know him well.
      Anyway, I love him, too….despite some of his shortcomings…

  9. cindysmith said,

    Ohh C’mon. Be easy. He is inexpressive but still has a great personality to watch for. Just watch him in Constantine, he acted much better and looked very stunning.

    • lokifire said,

      But, cindysmith, I can’t do that because John Constantine is supposed to be blonde and British! (And because the movie sounds wretched anyway.)

      • cindysmith said,

        Keanu is half-british. For me, he looked much better than the blonde Constantine of Hell Blazer and the movie was not as bad. Keanu looks much handsome in this than even in Matrix.

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