Things that make it past film editors

May 20, 2010 at 10:58 am (Top Ten) (, )

So this video with the kid from Back to the Future (3) gesturing madly to his crotch has totally made the rounds on the internets, but nothing like flogging a dead horse, I always say!

So here’s a top 10 list of why that kid is doing that probably.

1. Because he had to pee. This is generally accepted as the most likely reason a little boy would gesture to his private bits while being filmed in a movie. (It totally doesn’t explain the “come a little closer” gesture, though.)

2. Because he made a bet with Michael J. Fox. “Hey, let’s see who can steal this scene from Christopher Lloyd!”

3. Because he’s a dirty, dirty, dirty little boy. Take a look at his face. It’s clearly a “You know you want this” look.

"That's right, ladies. You ALL want a closer look at Little Verne."

4. He was gesturing to his personal balls-scratcher, who was on scene just off-camera, because rich kids have those. I assume he’s rich because he’s in a movie. Because you know they don’t cast kids for their talents in those things.

Hey, look, a ball scratcher is actually a thing!

5. Because he is actually a time traveler, and this is some sort of secret code message to other time travelers. Yeah, my theories are only going to get weirder from here on out.

"They. Know. About. The. Delorean."

 6. Because he wanted us to see the monster in his pants that does a crazy dance. Or am I thinking of that guy from the B-52s?

7. Because his mom was there, and he wanted her to explain the strange feelings he was getting from being this near to Christopher Lloyd. Don’t worry, kid. It happens to all of us. Christopher Lloyd is just that awesome.

If you're reading this post at work, please try to refrain from touching yourself right now. Save it for lunch break.

8. Because he wanted viewing audiences to be certain he was a boy and not a little girl. “People, I am packing.

9. Because there can’t be a Michael J. Fox movie that doesn’t have some sort of weird crotch-thing going on. You’ve seen the zipper bit at the end of Teen Wolf, right? Clearly, this was written into the kid’s contract.

10. Because he has Tourette’s. What got cut from the scene was the boy suddenly yelling “shit hellfire damnation bastards!”


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  1. dangerousmeredith said,

    very funny. and plausible. at least to me…

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