Why did I like The Good Guys?

June 8, 2010 at 11:28 am (Randomosity) (, )

Was it because they played Rock You Like a Hurricane? I think it might be because they played Rock You Like a Hurricane.

I think I would like the song less if I had any idea what the hell the Scorpions meant.

Was it because that guy who’s in everything finally got a haircut (House and Monk episodes count as everything)? Yeah, that helped. Seriously, who told that guy that he looks good with long hair? They lied to him. That’s just mean. Also, what the hell is that actor’s name?

Oh, look, this photograph has his name. Also, the leather pants aren't working for me either.

I liked the flashbacking bits (the flashing-back bits?), but thought that perhaps, just perhaps, they were a tad overused. But I’m not sure. I still liked them.

Plus, the main characters, whatstheirnames, had just the right amount of charisma for me to care about them and just the right amount of goofiness for me to not feel bad about laughing at them.

As demonstrated handily in this promotional photo.

Also, there were classic cars. I love classic cars. In the penultimate scene in the warehouse with all the stolen cars, when the gunfight began, I wailed, “Don’t shoot the mustang!” but to no avail, ’cause they shot that puppy to hell. I cried a little bit then. I’m not sure that was what they were going for, but damn, who shoots a mustang?

Damn you, rednecks, and your horrible aim.

I mean, at first, Cop Moustache’s computer illiteracy bugged me. I kept going, really?, but then I got into the swing of things, and was like, OK, I can get behind the fact that this guy’s a moron. And I didn’t quite buy that all the ladies love his partner because it’s not like he’s that cute, but then I looked again at Cop Moustache, and I thought, well, in comparison, he’s a damn supermodel, so it’s like your crush on the best sandwich maker at work. He’s just your best option.

And he's got SUCH a cute smile.

So why did I like The Good Guys?

Because it was created by Matt Nix, who also created Burn Notice, so I kind of loved it by default?

Truth be told, I’m not quite sure.

But it was probably because they played Rock You Like a Hurricane.



  1. Lew Zealand said,

    Whitford’s Mustache is hypnotic. It’s like one of those magic eye pictures.

    • lokifire said,

      You could even say his moustache rocks you. Like a hurricane!
      (Although I don’t know why you would say that.)

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