My mom always said wish in one hand etc. etc.

July 26, 2010 at 4:43 pm (Things I Want)

I want people to stop asking me stupid questions.

Like this:

“So, you say your newspaper is a daily? What day is that?”

"You know, ALL of them?"

“I see that your guidelines for submission say this information is required. Can I submit something without that information?”

“Do you have a lot of sway at the newspaper?”

“I know this is three days after the deadline. Can I still get it in?”

“You don’t want to listen to Fox News? Why? Don’t you want a fair and balanced report?”

This logo is what you see under the dictionary entry for "the opposite of fair and balanced."

“Why are you hitting me?”



  1. greg said,

    You mean you’re not the mainstream media (read: liberal) news overlord that I keep hearing the Gazette is (from the comments)?

    And when people ask what day the Gazette comes out on, you should make up a day, and seriously contend that it exists. If anyone asks for a source, reference the Beatles.

    • lokifire said,

      Oh, no, we’re the liberal news overlord. We totally have an agenda. Socialism conquers all! Whoop!

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