Dana Ashbrook: up for a Twin Peaks reunion show?

October 18, 2010 at 12:01 pm (Whatever happened to ...?) (, )

So, trying out an experiment on this here blog. There’s a lot of actors/one-hit wonders/famous people that I’ve been wondering what became of them. Especially since I started re-watching Twin Peaks, because that show was apparently the death knell for a lot of actors. (Or was it? Pretty sure it was.)

Who killed ... our careers?

In these posts, I will address “Whatever Happened to …” so and so through some creative use of googling. (By creative, I mean typing in their names and reading some stuff about them. Possibly on wikipedia, which is always truthful because the general public edits it.) But hopefully, it will be more entertaining than reading their imdb page, because I aim to please. Myself, mostly, but hopefully my tens of readers as well.

So, let’s kick things off with our boy Dana Ashbrook, most famously known as Bobby Briggs on Twin Peaks.

Bobby's hairstyle has aged surprisingly well.

Dana Ashbrook’s career began in 1978, when he starred in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! as “Boy on Boat.” I guess “starred” might be too strong a word.

"Aaargh!..." indeed.

Anyway, he went on to be featured in shows like Cagney & Lacey, Knots Landing and 21 Jump Street, before landing the plum role of “Guy who makes out with Madchen Amick a lot” on Twin Peaks.

I'll bet that was rough.

After that, I thought he died or something, but it turns out he’s been keeping himself busy doing a bunch of things I don’t actually care about. He starred as Clyde in a TV movie version of Bonnie & Clyde, and he was on episodes of The Pretender (remember that show? Yeah, me neither.) and Charmed, and apparently had a recurring role on Dawson’s Creek.

Thanks, show, for bringing us Katie Holmes. Yes, show, that's sarcasm.

And of course he’s been on an episode of Law & Order: SVU, because who hasn’t at this point?

Also, he’s been playing “Jimmy” in the television series Crash, which I think was based on the movie Crash, but not the one about people who got aroused by car wrecks.

I'd probably watch it if it was the sex-filled one.

Also, imdb says: “In his spare time, he plays basketball and tennis. He is also an accomplished harmonica player.” So there’s that.

Nothin' sexier than playing the harmonica. Nope.

In conclusion, Dana Ashbrook is not dead, and is probably making a pretty decent living as an actor. Now you know, and I like quoting G.I. Joe. And rhyming. I like rhyming too.

See why I like men with good cheekbones? Their faces hold up over time.



  1. Jeremy said,

    This ‘whatever happened to…Twin Peaks actors” thing is my favorite thing that you’ve done one your blog so far. I am sending to all my Twin Peaks-fan friends!!! All two of them!!!!!

    • lokifire said,

      Yeah, it’s what they call a “cult classic,” isn’t it? I’m always shocked when people say they’ve never seen it, but I guess I should stop being surprised.

      • Jeremy said,

        I consider myself part of that cult, totally. Which actor are you going to cover next? Can’t wait.

  2. Jeremy said,

    Hey, so I posted this on Facebook and it kicked off some interesting conversations. Turns out a few more people remember/love Twin Peaks than I thought.

  3. Tanya-jane said,

    Just had to know what became of ‘Bobby Briggs’ after watching ‘Twin Peaks’ again after 20 years. Interesting blog.

  4. Actor ashbrook | AgraphicPro said,

    […] Dana Ashbrook: up for a Twin Peaks reunion show? « Hollywood Hates […]

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