So, what’s Grace Jones up to nowadays?

October 25, 2010 at 11:58 am (Whatever happened to ...?) (, , )

I never knew that Grace Jones was born in 1948. But now I do!

I also never knew that she had a birdcage dress, but now I know that too!

The model/singer/actress leapt onto the scene in the ’70s, with a bunch of songs I never heard of, and eventually became the muse for Andy Warhol. I guess he had a lot of muses.

I've never liked his Marilyn Monroe series.

In the ’80s, Jones went on to release even more songs I never heard of, perfect her androgynous look and, most importantly, star in Conan the Destroyer and A View to a Kill.

Grace Jones, pictured here, following her character's own advice. "You have to grab him. And TAKE him." Ewwww.

And after that, she was never heard from again.

I’m just kidding. After that, she went on to record more albums, the most recent being 2008’s Hurricane, and star in a few more movies, including 2001’s Wolf Girl, with Tim Curry, for some sort of who’s the scariest competition or something, I don’t know.

It's a tough call, isn't it?

But Curry for the win?

She’s also been ranked #82 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women of Rock ‘n Roll, ranked #19 in Channel 5’s “World’s greatest supermodel” (and if anyone knows what Channel 5 is and why we should care, alert me), but more importantly, she is “the Queen of Gay Discos.”

And the only person in the world who should be allowed to pose like these, you flabby imitators.

Tragically, Jones has been keeping out of the spotlight lately, and, even more tragically, has inspired artists like Lady Gaga, whom I might respect more if she was in a Conan movie, but probably not.

This photo has naught to do with Lady Gaga, but I found a lot of images of Grace Jones, so please enjoy this one.

Also, there’s some sort of movement on her IMDB page wondering why she wasn’t cast as Storm in the X-Men movies, so there you go.

She just doesn't seem like a Storm to me. Is there a more violent, scary X-Man? "Wolverine" doesn't count.



  1. Travis said,

    I remember a vampire movie she was in called… VAMP. It was kind of ahead of it’s time (1986) with the whole horror/comedy playing with vampire movie conventions thing.

    1.Did you watch the Sherlock update on PBS?
    2.Did you hear the good news about Chuck’s full-season pick up (+2)?
    3.Are you submitting anything for the one-acts this year? They’ve been bumped to February… deadline for scripts is December 1st.

    • lokifire said,

      1. No, I sure didn’t. What was it?
      2. Yes, I did. That’s great news!
      3. Probably not, but maybe I’ll think of something by December. (But probably not.)

      • Travis said,

        1. The BBC aired a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes this summer called, simply, Sherlock. The three 90-minute episodes are set in the present day (which could have been cheesy but isn’t). Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Atonement) in the title role and Martin Freeman (The Office, UK) as Dr. John Watson.

        There are three 90-minute episodes airing as part of PBS’ “Masterpiece Mystery!” Sundays at 8pm and then a couple of other times over the week. I guess the whole “1st season” is being released on DVD on November 9th.

      • lokifire said,

        Oooh, I guess I had heard of that. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. dangerous meredith said,

    Grace is cool

    • lokifire said,

      Yes, she is. And scary.

  3. Erika said,

    She played a role in Eddie Murphy’s movie “Boomerang.” She was pretty funny.

    • lokifire said,

      Huh. I didn’t know that! I must’ve skipped right over it.

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