A love letter to Father Tres Iqus

December 17, 2010 at 3:14 pm (I Propose to Fictional Characters) (, , )

Dear Father Tres,

I don’t want the fact that you’re a (gunslinging android) priest to be a barrier to our love. In fact, part of the reason I love you is because you’re a priest! The other part of the reason is the gunslinging android thing, because who doesn’t love a gunslinging android? (Other than my mom, who always rolls her eyes and mutters something about “where did I go wrong?” and “at least I have your brother” when I talk about androids, gunslinging or no.)

C'mon, Mom, how can you not love an android with snazzy hair like that?

In fact, Father Tres, if I had to sit down and come up with my favorite thing about you, it would be the gunslinging. With the “android priest” part coming in a close second.

Yeah. Definitely the gunslinging.

And let’s not let the androidness of yourself get in the way of our love! I mean, things worked out for Helo and Athena, right?

Gods, they are so pretty.

I mean, sure, you’re 600 pounds of pure killing machine, but that’s all right. I love you for it! I love the way you’re shooting things and speaking all robotically. That’s so hot, Father Tres.

You are the only reason I keep reading the Trinity Blood series, Father Tres.

And I’m sure you’re wondering right now what I would bring to our relationship, and I am telling you: absolutely nothing. Do you know why, Father Tres? It’s because you’re an android, and thus can be programmed to love me despite (or perhaps even because of!) my foibles. I like the word foibles, and with the help of a wrench, soon you will too, Father Tres!

So ditch that damn Abel Nightroad and give this some consideration. Like, .7 seconds worth.

If he spent more time shooting things and less time being all wishy-washy, I'm sure I'd like him better.


And if you're not available, could you get me this guy's number?



  1. Meena said,

    I love Father Tres too! For the same reasons! ❤

    • lokifire said,

      Verily, he is a god among androids.

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