That damn doughnut on the counter

January 21, 2011 at 2:31 pm (Stuff that Bugs Me Right Now) ()

Right now, in a box on the counter at work, with other, regular doughnuts, there is some sort of mutant doughnut. It’s made with the regular doughnut whatever and then topped with chocolate frosting. No problem there, right?

But the middle is filled with red jelly stuff, and it’s oozing out the top.

Who fills a chocolate-frosted doughnut with red jelly? It’s just wrong. Those two tastes should never be combined! Why won’t someone eat it? Reporters eat anything. But they won’t eat this. That is how unnatural this doughnut is! Damn whoever made the unnatural doughnut! I can’t stop looking at it! Gaaaaah!

On a related note, I haven't been able to look at doughnuts without thinking of scrubbing toilets since my stint as a hotel maid and they always fed us the leftover breakfasts for lunch.



  1. Travis said,

    Chocolate doughnut with jelly? That’s fucked up!

    • lokifire said,

      I know. Isn’t that nasty?

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