Belinda, where have you gone-gone?

March 22, 2011 at 11:13 am (Whatever happened to ...?) (, )

I hope you see what I did with the post title there, and made a reference to The Go-Gos, because this post is all about Belinda Carlisle and where’s she at now?

Also featured in this post: this fabulous 1980s hairstyle. Please enjoy.

For those of you who didn’t live through the ’80s (you poor, poor bastards), The Go-Gos were the best girl band ever. For proof, please see: Beat, We got the.

Every Heart fan is wrong.

We also love Our Lips are Sealed. Yes we do.

And we love this adorable Rolling Stone cover.

Tragically, the Go-Gos broke up in 1985, and Belinda went on to a solo career. That was probably good news for Ms. Carlisle, as she had even more hits as a solo artist than she did with The Go-Gos, like Mad About You and Heaven is a Place on Earth, which we don’t like as well as The Go-Gos’ works, but still get stuck in our heads anyway.

I Get Weak is probably the A-#1 offender for songs that are stuck in our heads right now.

Oh, and in 1984, Belinda Carlisle was in Swing Shift with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, which I don’t think I have ever seen, not even when I was going through my Kurt Russell phase, which led to my Goldie Hawn phase. Here is a link to the cast list, and believe me when I say “just keep scrolling down.”

Seriously, keep scrolling.

But back to Belinda’s pop career, which was ever so much more successful than her film career. Or was for her first two albums. In 1989, Carlisle released an album called Runaway Horses. Don’t worry; we’ve never heard of it either. 1991 brought her fourth solo album, Live Your Life Be Free, which really needs some punctuation to save it. These albums were more successful in Europe than in America, because Europe loves everything America is apathetic towards, I guess.

Like having countries with names no one can pronounce! Ha ha, zing!

There was a fifth solo album, Real, and a sixth, A Woman and a Man, and it really seems like she just gave up on good album titles. Although her band was called The Go-Gos, so it’s not like naming stuff was ever really her thing anyway.

Then, in 2001, there was a Go-Gos reunion !!! that I completely missed, and they released an album that had a song written by that guy from Green Day. It was during this time that Belinda posed completely nude for Playboy. Don’t worry, this post will still be waiting while you google that.

Here's a sample, though, in case you're lazy.

Voila, Belinda’s seventh solo album, was released in 2007, and is a collection of French pop songs, because she lives in France now. Or did in 2007.

Like many celebrities, when she’s not busy recording songs in French, Belinda likes to take the time to revive her flagging fame by appearing on reality TV shows, and was the first “star” to be eliminated from the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. But you’ve seen her dance in her videos, so you kind of had to be expecting that.

Also, Belinda Carlisle is a spokesperson for NutriSystem, so that’s something.

Yup, Belinda and ... whoever these other ladies are.

Ooooh, ooooh, and in August 2011, Belinda and the rest of The Go-Gos are getting a Hollywood star! You know who else has one of those?

If you answered: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, you are absolutely correct!


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