Please do me this one favor

June 30, 2011 at 12:27 pm (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, , )

Don’t go see Transformers 3.

Go, Transformers! Go, Transformers! Go, Transformers! Go! Go! (Wait, is that the right theme song?)

I mean, sure, it’s got giant robot battles (which answers the eternal question: How do you improve a robot battle? Make it giant!) and explosions galore, making it the perfect summer movie fare, but please. Please do this for me. Don’t go see Transformers 3.

If the best thing you can say for your movie is "We finally got rid of Megan Fox this time!" then your movie still sucks.

Because you know what happens when you go see Transformers 3? People let Michael Bay make a Transformers 4. People cast Shia LaBeouf in more films. Why do people let these terrible, horrible, awful things happen? Because people think we want them to happen because we went and saw Transformers 3.

And this wouldn't have happened if you people hadn't gone to Transformers 2.

So for the good of moviegoers of the future, do me this one favor.

Don’t see Transformers 3.



  1. Jamin said,

    But, but, but… i kinda feel like i need to reward him for firing Megan Fox! Seriously. As much as i despise Bay, my loathing for Fox is so much deeper.

  2. dangerousmeredith said,

    I can absolutely promise you that I wont go and see this film

  3. Travis Bierwagen said,


  4. Natalie said,

    There IS a theme song and it is mine and Dan’s ‘song’! Cause he’s romantic like that 😉 It is from the 80s cartoon movie, which is so awesome. Here is a video, try to ignore the video part and enjoy the song.

  5. greg said,

    I would only go see Transformers 3 if 1) it was about transforming robots beating the crap out of each other instead of Shia Lebouf trying to get into the hot girl’s pants, and if 2) Michael Bay would retire from human society and live in the depths of the Amazon.

  6. Travis Bierwagen said,

    As a kid I always thought the TRANSFORMERS toys were cool… but I never got into the comics/cartoon, so I’m not that familiar with the storyline.

    But Transformers 3 just looks like “Generic Alien Invasion Movie #613” and it seems like there has GOT to be a better story idea than that… SOMEWHERE within the property.

    Fun fact that I just discovered: Michael Bay directed the video for “I Touch Myself” by the DiVinyls. 🙂

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