A new policy that won’t affect the majority of you

August 1, 2011 at 5:14 pm (Stuff that Bugs Me Right Now)

To all the wanks who come to this site, insult me and run away:

I don’t mind if you insult me. I probably deserve it for disliking something you like, or liking something you don’t like, or making a joke about Winry Rockbell’s (cartoon) boobs. But from now on, I kindly request that you limit your missives to 50 words or less. I mean, sure, if you bore me to death, technically you win, but I ask that you knock it the hell off anyway. I’m not your World Literature professor; I didn’t ask for an essay.

If you insist on leaving a comment that is excessively long and stupid, please know that from now on, your inspired verbiage will be replaced by either a pithy remark about your sexual inadequacies or any variation on a Yo Mama joke.

(I’m actually looking forward to this.)

Thanks, all!

And a big fat thank you to my readers who don’t feel the need to bore me with their longwinded, needlessly convoluted opinions. That is why I read your blogs. (By which I mean, I enjoy reading your opinions, not that I go to your blogs to get bored.) Hugs!


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