The Debt is probably not about what I think it’s about

September 2, 2011 at 11:41 am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, , , )

So the things I know about The Debt is that Helen Mirren is in it, and also Sam Worthington, and that some people walk out of an airplane dramatically and also there is red lighting in one scene for some reason.


(Watching a trailer without sound is even more confusing than I thought it might be.)

(And, yes, I could watch it with sound, except then I’d have to wait until I’m done at work, and by then … well, I’m not going to waste my time watching trailers for movies I don’t wanna see.)

(Also, this computer won’t let me do a link, so you’re just going to have to google the trailer your own selves.)

So, I think The Debt is probably not about loan sharks, because the people dramatically getting off the plane (is that called disboarding? Why don’t I know this?) are dressed way too classy to be loan sharks, and also one of them appears to grow up to be Helen Mirren, and we know she’d never be involved in something so mundane.

Loan sharking? How gauche. I'm obviously a drug dealer.

Also, they engage is some very fancily choreographed fisticuffs, which leads me to believe they’re spies of some kind.

Or perhaps assassins.

Also, the character that grows up to be Helen Mirren totally, like, murders her gynecologist with her legs. (I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.)

Ooh, and also The Debt has Tom Wilkinson in it, so God bless you, trailer makers, because I can never remember that guy’s name.

It's that guy! From all those movies and stuff!

So if you’ve seen The Debt (or even the trailer with sound), feel free to let me know what the hell is going on up in there.

Although I don’t think I’ll actually care.



  1. greg said,

    They’re hunting Nazis.

    • lokifire said,

      There’s nothing worst than Nazi gynecologists.

      • Jamin said,

        Thanks, almost got me in trouble at work because i just laughed uproariously…

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