It’s too late for 1984, right?

October 4, 2011 at 3:13 pm (Stuff that Bugs Me Right Now) (, )

So this morning when I was driving to work, alongside me there’s a guy in a Google maps “street views” car, and it’s got this, like, 360-degree camera on a pole on top of it.

And as it’s videotaping me and everything around us, I cried out: “I love Big Brother!”

I wish I had this version of the book. What a great cover!



  1. jennibennyfan said,

    I saw the movie version of “1984” at school – what a worrying idea that our society becomes more and more like that. (Btw, you have to watch “The last Enemy” (starring Benedict Cumberbatch ^^); the movie is about a similar topic) 😉

    • lokifire said,

      Maybe I shouldn’t watch The Last Enemy. My Benedict Cumberbatch obssession is out of hand as it is. 🙂

      • jennibennyfan said,

        Oh, well, if that is the case, you really shouldn’t watch this (because you could see Benedicts naked backside *blush*) ^^

      • lokifire said,

        Oh, there’s NUDITY, you say?

  2. greg said,

    Man, why can’t I have the Google maps car-driving job?

    • lokifire said,

      … Because you don’t love Big Brother enough?

      • greg said,

        Well, that is true. We’re just friends.

      • lokifire said,

        Maybe if you bought him some candy and flowers, you might get to drive the Google car.

  3. jennibennyfan said,

    @ lokifire:
    I’ll give you a tiny glimpse (to say it with Moriarty’s words ^^): A clip from “the last enemy” – (the “special scene” begins about the time 3:33). Enjoy ~

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