Resisting urge to pun: In Time is a movie that opens this weekend

October 28, 2011 at 11:39 am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, , , , )

Reviews haven’t been too kind to In Time, calling it a Logan’s Run imitation and other such things. But I’ve never seen Logan’s Run, which I completely meant to do that one time when I was watching Soylent Green and stuff, but didn’t. I can’t remember why not. I’m still planning to getting around to it someday!

You and Clockwork Orange, I swear.

Anyway, my point is that I personally can’t compare the In Time trailer to Logan’s Run, because I’ve got nothing to go on except people die young and Logan runs. (Unless it’s one of those movies where the name has nothing to do with the movie, I guess. Then I know even less than that.)

In Time stars Justin Timberlake, who I think was a pop star once, and is bothering me less and less as a leading-man type.

Like in this scene, where he's apparently channeling James Bond.

It’s also got Amanda Seyfried with just the cutest little bob!

SUCH a cute bob!

And, most importantly, and the thing that is convincing me this is a film I need to see: it’s got Cillian Murphy.

“Cillian Murphy’s in a movie?” I said when I saw the cast list. “I love him in those.”

I also love him in photographs. His cheekbones could rule the world.

Also, he seems to be shooting at the hero a lot, which makes this my favorite kind of Cillian Murphy movie: One wherein he is a badass.

Leather. Gun. Bad ASS.

In Time also seems to star Olivia Wilde, whose fame I just don’t get still. She’s beautiful, but I think she’s just a terrible actress. Is she getting better or something? Or are they just casting her to type: Beautiful, incredibly wooden woman who has only one facial expression?

I don't know. Does "At least she's not Megan Fox" sound more like a compliment or an insult?

But ignoring Olivia Wilde for the moment, the plot of the movie seems to be that people in the future (alternate universe? different world?) don’t have money. They have time. Everybody stops aging at 25, which doesn’t explain Cillian Murphy, but I don’t care because he’s beautiful at any age (so far, anyway), and rich people can live basically forever. Although I think they can get killed by accidents and murder and stuff, or else why would Cillian Murphy be shooting at Justin Timberlake? (I guess it could be because he just likes to hurt people and watch them not die, actually.) Justin Timberlake is poor, so he’s going to die at 26, which is the cutoff for some reason, but then the guy from Chuck and White Collar gives him all his time and dies instead, so newly-immortal Justin Timberlake goes all Robin Hood and hooks up with Amanda Seyfried, as we all would do, given the means.

I know I'd trade places with Justin Timberlake in this poster in a heartbeat.

The trailer makes it look pretty fun, like chase scene after chase scene with a few Amanda Seyfried gettin’ naked scenes thrown in and Cillian Murphy shooting stuff just to spice things up. So … maybe it’s worth your checking out? I mean, Cillian Murphy is in it, and I love when he’s in movies and stuff.

And in leather trenchcoats. I love him in leather trenchcoats.


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  1. GrannyMofo said,

    This was a kick ass, run incessantly, who’s gonna rule the world crap………..there was just too dang much chasing shooting at JTL!

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