(Officially) A breakup letter to Chuck

December 30, 2011 at 11:10 am (Randomosity) (, )

Dear Chuck,

Look, I want you to know I’m sorry I stood you up the last three Fridays. It’s not that I didn’t want to see you, it’s just that … well, I kind of assumed you’d be on holiday break, like all the cool kids. Also? I didn’t want to see you.

No matter HOW awesome everyone's hair looks this season.

What? No, don’t cry. It’s not you, it’s me.


You know what, Chuck? I can’t lie to you. Not with your big pleading puppy dog eyes. Not after what we had together. It is you. It’s very definitely you. I mean, sure, I’ve changed and grown, but there could still be room in my heart for you, if you hadn’t started to suck so damn bad, that is.

I can't forgive you for MORGAN WITH THE INTERSECT.

No, please don’t cry. It’s not your fault.

I blame myself for this. Oh, sure, I never signed an online petition to keep you on the air, and I never bought Subway sandwiches to keep you on the air (I’m sorry, but they’re just gross, I don’t care what Big Mike says, and I love that guy!), but deep down, I always kind of hoped you would stay on the air.

Big Mike, I'm sorry you've been reduced to being a shill for Subway. I hope they are compensating you with piles of cash and beautiful ladies. Who are also in piles.

But just through the fourth season, because everybody’s fifth season sucks and, dammit, Chuck, you are ruining all the good feelings I had for you. I tuned in to you because Chuck Bartowski was a sweet, cowardly little ball of fluff who was working on becoming a better person! Because John Casey and Sarah Walker were genuinely terrifying people who were willing to stop at nothing to complete an assignment. And now what do I see? Everybody’s a big cuddly ball of fluff and no one’s just flat out murdering anybody for the good of the country anymore and I really miss that dichotomy.

You hardly ever kill anybody anymore, John Casey, and I miss that about you.

Also, bring back Anna Wu!

And not just to be dumped by Morgan AGAIN because that was ridiculous.

In conclusion, it’s over. For reals this time.

Good luck in your future endeavors, show. I’ll never forget you. Except for the fifth season so far, because I really really don’t want to remember that.

I think we'll ALL be happier if we can forget.



  1. Emilie said,

    Chuck is a awesome show, 🙂
    but I have only seen the 2nd. season!
    Sad, breakup. 😦
    Sorry about my English.
    I’m from Norway! 😀

    • lokifire said,

      Your English is much better than my Norwegian, so no need to apologize!
      Stop watching Chuck after the third season. It could’ve ended there and been just fine.

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