March 28, 2012 at 4:51 pm (Stuff that Bugs Me Right Now) (, )

I just …

I can’t …

This is even worse than a possible live-action Akira, you guys. I mean, it’s so much worse. So, so, so, so much worse.

Are you ready?

I know you think you’re ready, but you couldn’t possibly be ready because this is some of the worst news ever.
I’m just sayin’, is all. You’re not ready.

Hollywood wants to make a Lone Wolf and Cub live-action film.

C'mon, Hollywood, there is no way you will possibly get this right, so why are you even trying, other than you hate me?

Yeah, yeah, I know. You think that’s as bad as it gets, right, because it’s going to SUCK SO BAD BECAUSE HOLLYWOOD IS JERKS AND HATES US, but that’s not all.

No: they’ve signed on the director of Fast Five to direct, because of course that guy would be able to craft an epic samurai revenge story.

Now that it's been pointed out to me, the similarities are so obvious. Like the samurai and the ... guys in cars. And the bushido and the ... guys in cars.

Goddammit, Hollywood.

You bastards.

Seriously, Hollywood, don't you get tired of being THIS EVIL?



  1. Jamin said,

    Honestly, though, if he decided to cast Vin Diesel as Ogami Itto, I’d probably still watch it.

  2. dangerousmeredith said,

    I agree with you – they could never get it right. How could they possibly best the already existing films?

    • lokifire said,

      They couldn’t! It’s impossible! They shouldn’t make this movie AAAAAGGHHHHHH!
      (I’m a little passionate when it comes to Lone Wolf and Cub)

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