Yea, another Adam Sandler movie, huzzah.

June 15, 2012 at 11:50 am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, )

Someone really needs to take Adam Sandler aside and quietly whisper to him: “Look, Adam, this whole man-child thing? It’s wearing a bit thin. We still think you’re a great guy, Adam, or at least some of us do, but if you keep this up, even small children will be shooting you in the kneecaps when they pass you on the street.”

“It’s just that the remaining goodwill from Happy Gilmore is getting worn thin, Adam.”

And of course, if that person could invent a time machine and go back to the past and quietly whisper that thing to Adam Sandler, or, hell, just kneecap him then, maybe we wouldn’t have That’s My Boy, starring Adam Sandler and that guy who quit Saturday Night Live, but hopefully not before he got another job, because no one will hire him after seeing this movie, that’s for sure.

The basic plot synopsis of That’s My Boy is that Sandler got his math teacher pregnant at 13 and then promptly disappeared from the boy’s life. Hopefully, the child was raised by his grandparents or some other adoptive family, otherwise he was left in the care of a child predator. Anyway, Sandler reappears in his son’s life, hijinks, everyone learns a meaningful life lesson, jokes about sex with old ladies, someone fails to kneecap Sandler.

For god’s sake, why doesn’t someone kneecap him?

In conclusion, every Adam Sandler movie ever.

Maybe even this one, but who knows, because it’s not like anyone saw it, anyway.


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  1. Jamin said,

    Ugghhh, Sandler is going to drag Samberg down into his cesspool of sub-mediocrity. This makes me very sad đŸ˜¦

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