A fun way to irritate people, I think

September 17, 2012 at 11:25 am (Randomosity)

Lately, I’ve been reading “I’m not racist, but …” and feeling kind of sick to my stomach about it, but I think a fun thing to do would be to starting saying: “I’m not racist, but …” and then follow up with a complete non sequitor, like, “… but it’s pretty chilly today.”

Meanwhile, the person you’re talking to would be like, “But weren’t you about to say something racist there?”

And you could be all, “No. I just said I’m not racist!”

Then they’d be, “But typically people follow that up with a racist comment.”

Then you’d be, “But those people are racist.”

And the best thing is this would work with anything. Like: “I’m not Republican, but I had a milkshake at lunch today.” Or “I’m not homophobic, but my feet are sore from all this walking.”

See? Fun!

“Seriously, what is WRONG with you?” — Your friends



  1. Jamin said,

    Hah! I’d actually heard of people doing the “I’m not racist but, non sequitur” thing, but I like your idea of expanding it to other stuff 🙂

    • lokifire said,

      Oh, man, really? And here I thought I was so clever.

      • Jamin said,

        You’re still clever! Like I said, I hadn’t heard of people expanding it to other sayings yet 🙂 Well… aside from that being the whole general idea behind non sequiturs… Maybe you should just ignore me >.>

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