It wasn’t as bad as I hoped

June 26, 2014 at 1:09 pm (Randomosity) (, , , )

Taxi Brooklyn, that is. I was hoping it would be just awful, like my last summer’s best show, whatever that was called, but it was pretty okay.

And also based on a movie I didn't know existed.

And also based on a movie I didn’t know existed.

First off, the cop lady who’s a bad driver has a murdered detective dad and a slutty mom, so she’s got ISSUES, but it’s okay, because she is just so adorable with her little pixie haircut. Then our taxi driver is Mr. Smooth Talker Guy from France with an adorable little boy and a prison record but THIS TIME HE’S INNOCENT (spoiler alert: this time he is totally innocent) and if our lady cop ever needs him, she should just call.

I'm sorry, but, yes, my heart absolutely went "pitter-pat" when he said that.

I’m sorry, but, yes, my heart absolutely went “pitter-pat” when he said that.

Anyway, they spend the whole first episode trying to prove the taxi driver innocent, except our hero the cop lady doesn’t think he is innocent, but then she thinks he is and then she tries to smooth-talk her ex-hubby into not deporting him, and also she’s getting mysterious texts about her murdered daddy. Sadly, despite her cute haircut, she’s kind of a boring character. Luckily, Mr. Handsome Taxi Driver Guy with a French Accent is totally fun and interesting, even if his taxi-driving buddy is a total gay stereotype instead of just a Taxi Driver Who is Gay, which would be, I think, more interesting. Also, there’s a Lady Coroner or Somebody, and then the lady cop’s Godfather Who is Also Her Boss, and I already mentioned The Cheating Ex-Husband Who is Probably FBI.

That's a whole lotta cast.

That’s a whole lotta cast.

So, yeah, it’s not a bad show, but it would probably be better if it were. You know?

C'mon, show! You could've been just so terrible.

C’mon, show! You could’ve been just so terrible.


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