Congratulations on your engagement, Mr. Cumberbatch

November 6, 2014 at 11:27 am (Randomosity) (, )

Yeah, so, Benedict Cumberbatch is totally engaged and all and, to celebrate, here’s a photo of an attractive celebrity.

Takeshi Kaneshiro: Making his triumphant return to Hollywood Hates Me!

Takeshi Kaneshiro: Making his triumphant return to Hollywood Hates Me!

Because I’m nothing if not fickle, that’s why.



  1. michaelampersant said,

    So, Benedict is now engaged to Takeshi….?

    • lokifire said,

      Ha! No, he’s engaged to a British stage manager. She’s probably not as pretty as Takeshi Kaneshiro, though.

      • michaelampersant said,

        It’s a shame…we need to do something about this…I really doubt whether these celebrity engagements mean anything…possibly a work of his people talking to her people…

  2. michaelampersant said,

    ….to follow this up…I’m accumulating a nice collection of Japanese gay art…more or less explicit…you think you could use anything on your blog…ART…ART…

    • lokifire said,

      Well, thanks for the offer, Michael, but I’ll politely refuse for two reasons: 1) People already think I’m a gay man and not a lady who’s into pretty, pretty actors; and 2) my 10-year-old daughter loves this blog, and her grandmother would probably have her removed from my care if she caught her looking at any explicit art.
      But fun collection for you! I’ve been collecting books of photos of movie stars. My favorites have stills from the 1910s and 20s.

      • michaelampersant said,

        Cool…I’m accumulating a lot of graphic material (graphic in the innocent sense)…I may have something for you one day…(there’s a lot of Japanese stuff out there, and I’m always taken aback by the sensuality of their work…here in Europe we are lead to think that Asians, and in particular Japanese, are sort of reserved, and so forth…not when it comes to sensual art, not at all)…

      • lokifire said,

        Heh — yeah, the hentai stuff is pretty … um … spectacular?

      • michaelampersant said,

        It’s intense…will try to find stuff that would fit on your blog…

  3. michaelampersant said,

    …to follow up on this…genetically…the world population of humans is very similar, gene-wise…and the genetic differences inside Africa are more important than the genetic differences outside Africa—Africa, where we originally come from…so…we may look different…but deep down there…we’re very much alike…I do experience this with my Korean partner on a day-to-day basis, by the way…

    • lokifire said,

      Whoa, don’t get all science-y on me! I can’t follow all this gene talk!
      That said, yeah, people everywhere are all pretty similar, even if some folks don’t like that idea very much.

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