A conversation with my father: for realsies

October 5, 2015 at 9:47 am (Randomosity)

Recently, my father and I discussed the shootings in Oregon, and I wondered how many more mass shootings it would take before we finally decide we need stricter gun control.

My father: He got those guns legally, you know.

Me: And if we had stricter gun control, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to get them.

My father: Yeah, it’s a tough deal. I don’t know what we could do to make it better.

Me: Maybe stricter gun control?

My father: And I don’t know why we have so much trouble with mass shootings compared to other civilized countries.

Me: Uh, I think it’s because of their stricter gun control laws.

My father: Yup, it’s just a problem that can’t be solved.

"I'm going deaf, and also: I can't hear you! Neiner, neiner, neiner."

“I’m going deaf, and also: I can’t hear you! Neiner, neiner, neiner.”




  1. Jamin said,

    Did you see that Onion article? “Area Man Disgusted Obama Would Use Tragedy to Promote Anti-Tragedy Agenda.”

    • lokifire said,

      Ha! No, I don’t keep up on the Onion like I should. Sounds about right, though.

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