Sextortion: an expanded definition

October 26, 2015 at 10:06 am (Randomosity)

“Mom, what’s sextortion?” wondered my grade school-aged daughter when she noticed the headline.

“Well, honey, sextortion is a made-up word. It’s basically a portmanteau — do you know what a portmanteau is? It’s when people take two words that are tangentially related and smash them into one word. It’s popularly done with celebrity couples, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are called Brangelina, and … actually, that’s the only example I can think of, because I don’t really follow celebrity couples, like who cares who’s dating who, right? Anyway, sextortion is a portmanteau, which, again, is two words combined to make one, and in this case, the words are ‘sex’ and ‘extortion,’ and … why are you face down in your cereal bowl, honey? I thought you wanted to know what ‘sextortion’ means!”

"That's okay, I think I'd rather drown in my milk now instead."

“That’s okay, I think I’d rather drown in my milk now instead.”



  1. brikhaus said,

    I’d be more concerned that your daughter is wondering about sextortion than just the etymology of the word.

  2. lokifire said,

    Ha! Yeah, I actually explained that it was an article about creepy dudes who blackmailed teenage girls into taking naked pictures of themselves and NEVER TRUST ANYONE ON THE INTERNET, sweetie.

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