Fish are awful, and I hate them

February 5, 2016 at 10:56 am (Randomosity) ()

I hate fish. I hate fish so much. I really hate them!

But a thing I hate worse than fish is seeing living creatures suffer. So, because no one else remembers to do it, I have been feeding the horrible, creepy, awful fish at work. I even found a fish that I disliked less than the rest of them. It was a little albino shark that the others had eaten half its tail off.

“Poor little guy,” I said. “Poor scrappy little guy.”

"Creepy little bug-eyed bastard, though."

“Creepy little bug-eyed bastard, though.”

Yesterday, when I went to feed the fish, I noticed my least-hated fish wasn’t eating with the others. Then I noticed he was bobbing upside down. Then I noticed, a half-hour later, he had completely vanished. Because the other fish had eaten him.

When I told my coworker, he said: “Well, they already knew he was delicious.”

Now I hate fish even more.

Anyway, now I hate fish even more.


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