I really need to stop reading the opinion page

July 19, 2016 at 8:22 am (Stuff that Bugs Me Right Now)

I know I shouldn’t, but I keep reading the opinion page of the local newspaper and discovering that 1) a lot of my fellow townspeople LOVE Trump; 2) a lot of them hate women; and 3) a lot of them really dislike people who aren’t white, and it’s probably their fault that the police shot them to death when they were unarmed, and maybe people should just stop complaining about how police never get prosecuted for straight-up murdering people, and also Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Seriously, in the last two days’ paper, we had a guy who thought Hillary Clinton should be satisfied just being a grandmother, and not try to run for president. (Like he’d say THAT to a man of her age.)

I mean, jeez, ya old hag, have some consideration for the men who are threatened by you!

He probably wouldn’t even tell them to retire and focus on being a GRANDFATHER.

We had another guy who said if you argue with the police, it’s your fault you get shot, and at least it decreases the surplus population. (Paraphrasing; his was actually more like: “Darwinism, yo!”) (Which doesn’t explain Philando Castile, but, hey, whatever, right?)

Aw, man, kid, it's like you're ASKING to get shot by asking NOT to get shot.

Aw, man, kid, it’s like you’re ASKING to get shot by asking NOT to get shot.

And we had a woman who blames Obama for not running as a black man, not a biracial man, because if he had run as a biracial man, then the last eight years would have been years of “inclusion rather than exclusion.”


"Plus I can tell from this photo that he's actually anti-American 'cause he's secretly flipping us the bird British-style."

“Plus I can tell from this photo that he’s actually anti-American ’cause he’s secretly flipping us the bird British-style.”

Luckily, there was a letter to the editor from a guy that was basically: “Bigotry = Stupidity,” so not everyone in my town is jerks.


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