Goddamn this year

December 27, 2016 at 12:10 pm (Randomosity) (, , , , , )

Okay, so it’s not bad enough that 2016 took David Bowie and Prince and Muhammad Ali and George Michael and a bunch of other awesome people, in addition to giving us President-Elect Trump (seriously, 2016, you’re a bastard). But now it had to take CARRIE FISHER?


Princess Leia?

Damn all of this. Carrie Fisher, you were a beautiful and funny lady, and you will be missed so much.

I salute you, General Leia.

I salute you, General Leia.




  1. Jamin said,

    Honestly, I think her death hit me worse than all the other deaths. Princess Leia was my (and probably most boys of the past 39 years) first crush, and played an indelible part in establishing my “ideal woman.” That would be tough enough, even if she hadn’t gone on to grow into one of the most funny, strong, amazing women in the world in real life.

    • lokifire said,

      So hard, I know. She was a badass character and a badass woman.
      When I was little, I always imagined Princess Leia was my real mom.

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