I can’t read a room: A true story

April 13, 2017 at 1:29 pm (Randomosity)

Holy cow, you guys! What have I been doing this month?

“To Blog or … Nope. ‘Not to’ it is.”

Anyhow, to make up for your lack of funny, insightful genius from me, here’s an anecdote about how I do stupid things sometimes a lot of the time:

So there I was, invited to this writers’ group a friend of mine had set up. It was a group of nice, older women who like stories about cats and sweet grandpas. “Oh, what do you write?” they said.

I read them a pleasant story I’d written about birds living in a box store. They liked it, but it was really short. “Why don’t you read another?”

“Sure,” I said, and proceeded to read them my story about a woman having an affair with a guy whose wife is in a coma, and it ends with him taking her to bed and asking her to stay still. Really still.


“That’s … very nice, dear,” they said politely.


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