I know two things about Kate Capshaw

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One is that she can scream like a champ, and the other is that she is married to Steven Spielberg.

She's not screaming in this picture, but you can be sure she's about to.

But now, thanks to the power of the internets, we can all learn more about the lovely Ms. Capshaw, like what the heck she’s been up to lately.

I can only assume it involves lots of hair care, because her mane looks GREAT.

Kate Capshaw, for those of you not in the know, is best known for her role as Willie Scott in the Temple of Doom, one of the three best Indiana Jones films ever made. But her career didn’t start there, unlike that of her co-star Jonathan Ke “Shortround” Quan. No, Capshaw first burst onto the scene in 1981 on some television show I’ve never heard of: The Edge of Night. Fittingly, she followed that up with a 1982 film called A Little Sex. I say “fittingly” because some people like to have a little sex at the edge of night.

THEN she starred in The Temple of Doom, and remember how they totally didn’t rip her heart out before sacrificing her? That’s always bothered me. I mean, I know Indy had to save his romantic interest, and it’s hard to do when her heart’s been ripped out, but it still bugs me.

I mean, c'mon, they ripped out that one guy's heart!

Moving right along, Capshaw (who has a degree in education and actually did teach special education at a couple of different schools) followed up Temple of Doom with Best Defense, a movie that stars Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy and that, for the life of me, I cannot remember having ever heard of before now.

Also, there was a tank in it? Or at least a drawing of one?

After that was Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid and Windy City, which I can only assume was an indie film, because she is the only person in the cast that I have ever heard of. So 1984 was a good year for Capshaw.

In 1986, there was Power with Richard Gere, and SpaceCamp, which I think everyone who was a schoolchild during that era saw when their teachers ran out of lesson plans.

"Today we're studying how to shut the hell up and watch a movie while Mrs. Appleworth nurses a hangover. Shut the hell up, kids."

Then there were a few TV movies, like The Quick and The Dead and Her Secret Life. Coincidentally (not ironically), she starred in a regular movie, Private Affairs, in 1987, and followed that up with the TV movie Internal Affairs in 1988. It’s coincidental because they both have the word “affairs” in them, that’s why.

(Why did I feel the need to explain that?)

1989 brought Black Rain, which I was going to skip over, but then saw it was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Andy Garcia and Michael Douglas, so I guess it deserves a mention. I am totally going to skip 1990’s Love at Large, though. In 1991, she was in My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, and followed that up with a two-year break before starring in the short-lived television series Black Tie Affair.

Then there was some stuff I don’t care about, then How to Make an American Quilt, which I also don’t care about, but probably your grandma loved it.

Are they still called "chick flicks" if all the chicks watching are over 70?

Then 1997’s The Locusts, which I was assuming was about killer locusts until I read the plot synopsis and saw the phrase “deadly yet erotic love triangle.” So I guess there could be killer locusts, but there probably aren’t. Also, the movie had Ashley Judd and Vince Vaughan, so I’m glad I missed it. In 1999, she starred in The Love Letter, which is notable only for a young cast member named Jessica Capshaw, Kate’s daughter, who apparently has a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy.

The only thing that would make your parents prouder than you growing up to be a doctor is you growing up to be an actor who plays a doctor on TV.

In 2001, Capshaw had a role in some TV movie that I’m not even going to bother mentioning by name, and then another TV movie followed in 2002. And then … she completely disappeared off the face of the earth, seriously what happened to Kate Capshaw? There is no mention of her doing anything after 2002, and I am beginning to suspect foul play, Spielberg.

(I’m really surprised that nobody heard her screams.)

Except maybe this snake.

Oh, wait, good news! She attended the Golden Globes with her husband in January 2011. So she’s fine. Totally fine.

Look at this: breathing and everything.


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