Why do I like Trial and Error?

March 29, 2017 at 2:07 pm (Randomosity) (, )

Two words, easily summed up: John Lithgow.

John Lithgow is great, you guys. I love John Lithgow. I love him so much he is actually one of the actors whose real name I can remember. He is really, just really SO GOOD.

Hi, John Lithgow! I think you’re great.

And Trial and Error is really very funny, with all of the other characters, like whatsisname the out-of-state lawyer and the feisty DA and the lady with face blindness and the dude who just wants a disembodied body part of his own. And they work out of a taxidermist’s office, just like there is literally a taxidermist right down the street from me. There is, like, nothing funnier than taxidermy. Especially when you take little rodents and have them reading a book. It’s really cute and also funny.

Okay … it’s funnier when they’re in a little rocking chair.

Oooh, and speaking of funny, I actually laughed out loud at the scene in the pilot, where John Lithgow hands his dog to the reporter lady as he’s being taken off to jail for murdering his wife (the fourth leading cause of death in his hometown is listed as “Larry Henderson,” which is John Lithgow’s character’s name, which is funnier than I just made it sound), and then it turns out he forgot to let go of the leash and the world’s second fakest dog is yanked away by the police car.

… It looks pretty fake here, too.

(The world’s fakest dog is in this here video. It’s funny, too!)

Anyway, Trial and Error is far superior to Powerless, plus it doesn’t even have that National Park-desecrating Vanessa Hudgins in it, so even if the writing wasn’t snappier and the acting wasn’t stronger, it would be better by default, so you should watch it.



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