Bitty Schram is a funny name

January 11, 2011 at 7:33 pm (Whatever happened to ...?) (, , )

I’m sorry, Bitty, but it is. Maybe it’s on purpose, I don’t know. It’s definitely memorable.

Ooooh, I love your hair like this.

But anyway, Bitty, where the heck you been, girl? First you were on Monk and then you weren’t on Monk and then … what?

Other than Tony Shalhoub winning a closetful of Emmys, I mean.

Everybody remembers Bitty Schram for crying in baseball. Even if you never saw A League of Their Own, you have heard the line that Tom Hanks uttered to her character: “There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!”

Yup. No crying in baseball.

And thus, Bitty Schram was propelled to stardom. Or at least a series of roles in forgettable films like The Night We Never Met and Cleopatra’s Second Husband, which is less about Egypt than you would imagine.

Hell, it's not even a Liz Taylor biopic, which I was kind of expecting.

She then moved on to roles on Felicity and Roswell, two shows that I never saw and have no reason to regret never seeing. And then: Boom. Monk.


Playing the Dr. Watson to Tony Shalhoub’s Sherlock Holmes, Bitty Schram was … crap, I didn’t actually think of an ending for this sentence. Was on this show? Whatever. I suck. Anyway, Bitty Schram was on Monk and suddenly she wasn’t. Was it contract disputes? Was it because they were going to change the Sharona character? Nobody’s ever really come out and said why she left for sure, unless they did and I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

That was in 2004. So where has Bitty Schram been since then?

(Seriously, where?)

Well, she had a guest spot on Kitchen Confidential in 2005, and a role in a TV mini-series called Thief in 2006. A role on The Ghost Whisperer in 2009 is in her credits, and she did reprise the role of Sharona for an episode of Monk in 2009.  And that’s it.

So, possibly, she has gone back to stage roles, because the Internet never mentions those, or she is, I don’t know, writing her memoirs or something.

I'm sorry. Work just defeated me today. Was this even funny or enlightening? Bitty, where are you?



  1. Travis said,

    If I rememeber correctly she left Monk over a money/contract dispute. She was pretty sure they wouldn’t do the show without her… turns out she was wrong.

    • lokifire said,

      Yeah, that was what I had heard too, but when I went looking it up, there were all these differing theories, so now I’m just confused.

  2. Ben Black said,

    Some actors would kill for a regular role on a hit series, so I’ll never understand the ones who accomplish this and then quit. And the actress who replaced Schram was just as good if not better.

  3. Melanie P said,

    I hope she does more movies in the future. And I’m not talking about small cameo roles in cheap, crappy movies that will earn her no more recognition than what she already has; I mean actual good movies where she has a lead role. Kind of like the way Transformers helped Megan Fox boost her career. I hope Bitty has a comeback because I really like her and she’s a great actress, and she HAS TO DO MORE THINGS!

  4. Mick Stacey said,

    We need to know what Bitty is doing nowadays. It is hard to be a fan as long as she is hiding out.

  5. Zulu petals said,

    I love Bitty Schram too.
    fyi she was great in a Hallmark m4tv movie 2004

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