So you think you’re dating someone with ice powers: A modern teen’s guide

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Man, that’s a long post title.

Anyway, recently, you’ve noticed your significant other seems to be displaying some sort of ice-related powers. First off, that’s really cool! (Ha, ha, get it? Do you get it? It was a joke! Do you get it?) Secondly, which ice-powered superbeing could your significant other be?

Let’s find out, via the power of making a list!

Yea, lists!



1. Elsa from Frozen. Let’s just get her out of the way, shall we? If you’re dating Elsa from Frozen, you’re dating an icy blonde with anime eyes and an inferiority complex THIS BIG.

She's also got a hot sister, but hands off, you know?

She’s also got a hot sister, but hands off, you know?

2. The Ice King. If you’re dating Adventure Time’s The Ice King, then you’re a princess! Good for you.

And he's a musician ... ladies.

And he’s a musician … ladies.

3. The Snow Queen. More royalty! Just be careful, because, like the Blondie song, she’s got a heart of … wait, what is that song, anyway?

This is a picture of the Snow Queen from Fables. You should read Fables.

This is a picture of the Snow Queen from Fables. You should read Fables.

4. Mr. Freeze. Prepare yourself for cold-related puns or a tragic backstory. It really depends on which continuity you’re in.

"Whatcha doing, honey?" "Oh, just chilling."

“Whatcha doing, honey?”
“Oh, just chilling.”

5. Iceman. The X-Men’s Iceman seems like he would be a nice boy to take home to meet your parents, unless they have some sort of anti-mutant bigotry thing going on.

"Why is your boyfriend naked?" -- Your parents

“Why is your boyfriend naked?” — Your parents

6. Jack Frost. The personification of winter, before Hans Christian Anderson came along and was all: “Winter is obviously a girl, and a mean one, der!”, if you’re dating Jack Frost, and he asks you if you’re chilly, just say no.

Same goes for if he asks: "Do these pants make me look fat?"

Same goes for if he asks: “Do these pants make me look fat?”

7. Storm. Not only does Storm have snow and ice powers, she could also make a balmy day so the two of you could enjoy a relaxing picnic together. That’s nice.

Although leather gets pretty sweaty, so she might stick with snow, thank you very much.

Although leather gets pretty sweaty, so she might stick with snow, thank you very much.

8. Yuki-Onna. Oh, right, the Japanese also think Winter is a lady, but at least she’s beautiful.

Unlike other snow queens, yuki onna is always a brunette.

Unlike other snow queens, yuki onna is always a brunette.

9. Santa Claus. Santa Claus has snow powers, right?

"Sure, baby, sure."

“Sure, baby, sure.”

10. Elijah Snow. Whoa, whoa, buddy. If you’re dating Elijah Snow, you are stepping ALL OVER my territory. That’s just not cool. (It’s a joke, do you get it? Ha ha!) Seriously, though, stay away from my boy Elijah, or I will end you.

I'll always love you, Elijah Snow!

I’ll always love you, Elijah Snow!

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Days of Future Past doesn’t even make sense, title-wise

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I finally saw the new X-Men movie. I know you’re all deeply happy for me, and want to hear all about it. But what can I say that hasn’t been said by reviewers who saw it much, much earlier than I did?

Well, plenty, actually! Here’s some random observations about Days of Future Past.

First off, remember when I saw X-Men: First Class, and I just couldn’t wait to find out what happened to all the cool mutants? Well, it turns out they died offscreen, especially Banshee, because no one wants me or Caleb Landry Jones to be happy.

Holy cow, he is so immensely pretty, I want to put a dress on him.

Except maybe his stylist.

Kitty Pryde’s ability to send people’s consciousness (es?) back to the past is never explained, but it’s probably okay because poor old Shadowcat has some difficulty understanding how time works because she talks about Wolverine’s consciousness flipping back and forth between the “past and the future,” because she clearly forgot she already lives in the future, thus making it the present.

Man, I can't even tell if this is the future or not anymore.

“Man, I can’t even tell if this is the future or not anymore.”

Speaking of Kitty Pryde, I can now understand all the complaints about not having her go back in time like in the original comic that I never read, because holy crap the past is a total sausage fest. (Related story: When I made the mistake of describing the movie in those terms to my mother, she was horrified: “Is that appropriate for your daughter?” “Well, I’d agree that women definitely deserve more representation in the film industry and … oh, you thought it was some sort of porn thing, didn’t you?”) The only lady mutant in the past is Mystique, and all the boys love her, even Magneto, who’s also trying to murder her. Also, I’m not sure she even counts as a lady, because she spends about half the movie disguised as various men.

Pictured here: Apparently not what my mother thinks is a sausage fest.

Man, just look at all that sausage!

Thanks to Wolverine’s trip back to the ’70s, we now know he travels commando. Also, that a naked ass shot must be included in Hugh Jackman’s contract, because his ass is a thing of magnificent beauty that should be shown to all. (Related story: As my daughter and I were discussing Hugh Jackman’s fine, naked ass, we were coming up with synonyms for the word “butt,” including “gluteus maximus,” which led to me saying “And his gluteus certainly is maximus,” which led to my daughter saying she wants to live with her father now because please stop talking mommy.)

"Imma have to hurt you now. I'm sorry, but the chafing makes me so angry."

“Imma have to hurt you now. I’m sorry, but the chafing makes me so angry.”

I was actually surprised when Storm died, even though everybody said that Storm died, I just wasn’t expecting it right then, but as she fell to her doom, I had to wonder: Who wears spike heels in a dystopian future?

I'd tell her to run, but she wouldn't get very far in those heels, anyway.

I’d tell her to run, but she wouldn’t get very far in those heels, anyway.

My daughter and I agreed that Blink was the best mutant in the future, and also that Fan Bingbing is very pretty.

Gosh, just so pretty.

Gosh, just so pretty.

Quicksilver was the best mutant in the past, even if he didn’t realize he was jailbreaking his own dad, and where was his twin sister The Scarlet Witch? The only reference to his parentage was an oblique reference to his mother having known a guy who could manipulate metal back in the day.

You know, the special effects were good, but maybe they could've done a little more work on his ridiculous hair?

You know, the special effects were good, but maybe they could’ve done a little more work on his ridiculous hair?

Peter Dinklage has a beautiful, beautiful voice, and I think someone should make a movie with him and Caleb Landry Jones just talking and being awesome, and maybe throw some ladies in there, all right, Hollywood?

Besides, ladies appreciate a well-dressed man like Mssr. Dinklage here.

Besides, ladies appreciate a well-dressed man like Mssr. Dinklage here.

So there you go. It was a decent movie, and if I think about it too hard, I’ll probably find many, many things wrong with it other than SERIOUSLY CAST SOME WOMEN DAMMIT, but it was perfectly serviceable, and at least Young Magneto did stuff.

Like wearing this fabulous hat.

Like wearing this fabulous hat.

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Mutants and time travel and young Magneto, oh my!

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So I guess I didn’t realize it was already opening weekend for X-Men: Days of Future Past, because didn’t Godzilla just open last weekend? That seems like a lot of geek properties all at once, like, jeez, maybe space it out so we can save up our movie-going money, ’cause movies are expensive.

Ha, and they're standing in the shape of an X because people who design movie posters are all like: "Subtlety? I eat subtlety for breakfast."

Ha, and they’re standing in the shape of an X because people who design movie posters are all like: “Subtlety? I eat subtlety for breakfast.”

Anyway, it already is opening weekend, because if you’re going to spend a holiday weekend with your family, you might as well spend it at the movies, where you don’t have to talk with them.

"Sooo ... you guys hate being around me as much as I hate being around you? That's good to know."

“Sooo … you guys hate being around me as much as I hate being around you? That’s good to know.”

Especially because holy cats look at all the mutants and Wolverine is time-traveling for some reason (truth-telling time here: I love comic books, but I’ve never been big on the superhero ones, so I didn’t even know it was supposed to be Kitty Pryde doing the time-traveling until I read complaints on other blogs) and Michael Fassbender is saying things and so is Ian McKellen, and also Patrick Stewart and the guy who plays young Patrick Stewart is there and — oooh, is that Blink? It is! It is Blink! — and Sentinels blowing shit up but good!

I do know enough about superhero comics to know that she's like a lady Nightcrawler.

I do know enough about superhero comics to know that Blink’s like a lady Nightcrawler.

Anyway, don’t bother me this weekend, I’ve got some immense geeking out to do.

Also some deep, girlish sighing.

Also some deep, girlish sighing.

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So you think you’re dating a (lady) mutant: A modern teen’s guide

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Guys, I know it’s hard out there in the dating world, what with all the ladies dating the vampires and werewolves and what-have-you. And what have you got for mythical creatures? Ha! Mermaids, if you’re lucky.

But the good news is: you have found a girl. She seems nice, doesn’t she? But lately, you’ve noticed, she’s acting a bit … well … mutated.

So perhaps you’re dating a mutant?

Let’s find out.

1. Does your special lady friend have the power to read your mind and also turn her body into diamond-like substance, rendering her almost impossible to harm?

That doesn’t seem fair, you know. Maybe if she wasn’t hogging all the superpowers, there’d be more left for the rest of us.

Also, maybe she could try layering?

2. Can she walk through walls?

Not in a ghosty way, more like in a telephase-y kind of way?

They're similar, except she's not dead. And if she is, she does live in the Marvel universe, so she'll get over it.

3. When you kiss, does she absorb your life energy?

Possibly sending you into a coma, depending on said kiss’s intensity?

Well, don't worry. She's going to start bleaching her hair and dating vampires, anyway.

4. Can she control the elements of nature?

And does she have a kind of stupid name?

I'm sorry, but Ororo Munroe? Really? No wonder she goes by Storm.

5. Does she sometimes get possessed by something called the Phoenix Force and then try to destroy the universe or something?

Also, did she kill you in the third X-Men movie and you immediately rebounded to Superman’s ex-girlfriend?

Maybe you should try dating a nice girl for once.

6. Do people keep asking you why you’re two- and three-timing your girlfriend, and where did all those hot ladies come from anyway, and what do they see in you?

“Guys, she’s a shapeshifter,” you protest, and they roll their eyes?

"All kidding aside, guys, I'm actually dating Rebecca Romijn."

7. Does she have a band, sometimes roller-skates, likes disco and pretty lights?

And does she have a ridiculously bad superhero name?

Jumpsuits and roller skates seem like a bad combination when it's time to go potty.

8. Speaking of pretty lights, can she create plasma explosions?

Also, did she later lose her mutant powers and get turned into a vampire and … really? Gods, no wonder I don’t read any X-Men series.

I suppose this way, when they bring her back from the dead (because they will; they always do), they can say, "Well, it's because she was a vampire! But she got better. Also, her mutant powers are back."

9. Is she scarlet and also a witch?

You could do worse.

Seriously. It's hard to find nice girls who look that good in red leather and can alter reality.

10. Does she only have one eye and live in the future?

Stop dating her! She and Phillip J. Fry are meant to be together, dammit!

Stop that. Fry likes girls who cosplay as Slave Leia too.

So, to answer your question: Yes, without a doubt, you are absolutely dating a mutant.

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So you think you’re dating Wolverine: A modern teen’s guide

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What with all the mutants out there, it’s hard to tell which one you’re dating. It could be anyone, really. But it’s probably Wolverine, because, man, does that guy get around.

But how can you be certain to a passably certain extent?

By checking out this handy-dandy guide, that’s how.

1. Is your boyfriend short and hairy?

But not too short and hairy.

If he's THIS short and hairy, then you're dating A wolverine, not Wolverine.

2. Does he sometimes look like Hugh Jackman?

Who doesn’t want to date the Hugh Jackman Wolverine?

And what's wrong with those guys?

3. Does he still carry a torch for his old girlfriend?

Except she wasn’t really his girlfriend because she was engaged to this other guy, and then she died, and then she came back and … it’s complicated, okay?

Oh, and she almost destroyed the universe or something?

4.  Does he suffer from amnesia?

Not anterograde amnesia though. Just regular old retrograde amnesia?

If it's anterograde amnesia, then you're probably dating this guy.

5. Sometimes, when he’s alone in the bathroom, do you hear a sound like “Snikt”?

“What’s that, honey?” “Nothing! Leave me alone!”

"I could just use a little privacy right now, OK?"

6. Does he have a mutant healing power?

Also, he doesn’t age, like Elijah Snow, except less awesome?

There's only one thing more awesome than Elijah Snow, and we already know that's Sherlock Holmes.

7. How ’bout an adamantium skeleton? Has he got one of those?

“Dammit, I told the airport security already that I’ve emptied everything out of my pockets.”

"Look, can't I just promise not to murder anybody and you'll let me get on the plane?"

8. Does he sometimes talk about his old girlfriend, the weather goddess chick?

Wolverine dated Storm, right?

Or hooked up with her that one time when they both got really drunk?

9. When he goes places, like other comic book titles, does it automatically make them sell better?

Everybody loves Wolverine.

He's the best at what he does, and what he does is sell comic books.

10. Last but not least, does he suffer a fatal weakness in battles against Magneto?

Unless it’s one of those times when adamantium is a magical metal that Magneto can’t affect?

Seriously, though, it's a tragic weakness.

If all these things and more are true, then you’re probably dating Wolverine. Or the guy from Memento. Whichever.

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A love letter to Banshee

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Dear Banshee,

Look, I know you think you’re my second choice, and it’s true. I do love Young Magneto more than you. But since my last post featured so many pictures of Michael Fassbender, I felt you deserved the spotlight. Also, the Internet was running out of good pictures of him, so there was that.

Of course, the internet only has the one good picture of you, so I guess it's on to pictures of the actor who plays you.

But don’t get me wrong: I do love you.

But that won't stop me from saying: Get a haircut, ya damn hippie.

Sure, you’re, like, a decade too young for me, and you’re a ginger, if that’s still an insult, but I still love you.

Awwww, you have the cutest little smile; I just want to pack you a lunch and make sure you get your homework done!

I mean, Jesus, your voice.

It’s got this, like, crazy husky thing going on. I could seriously listen to you talk for hours, especially if you were talking about that time you used to hang out with Magneto, back when he was young.

Plus, you’re tall, which is a … you know, plus.

Oooh, and then there's this picture of you and you are so GODDAMN CUTE with all the freckles.

Oooh, and you have the superpower of screaming and somehow that makes you fly. That’s pretty cool, albeit probably a bit annoying in practice.

Oooh, it's a slightly different picture of you! I couldn't be more excited.

Anyway, you’re welcome to marry me if your mom will let you.

I wouldn't blame her for saying no, though. I am a dirty old lady.

And if she’s not cool with that, maybe we could be pen pals?

You could send me photographs of your close, personal friend Magneto!

Love you!

Yes, Banshee, my love is so enduring I forgive you for those glasses or whatever.

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Why did I really, really like X-Men: First Class?

September 11, 2011 at 1:50 pm (Randomosity) (, , , )

Since nobody took me up on my offer to go to X-Men: First Class on their dime, I ended up not seeing it until this weekend. And it was so good, squeeeeee, you know, you already saw it, but wow!

Look at all those mutants! Especially the one on our left. Mrow.

Like, my favorite things were Magneto and the way he totally kept superpowering people to death. Also Magneto and the way he climbed out of water in a black suit and was dripping wet. In addition, Magneto and the way he … did stuff. In conclusion, I want to have Michael Fassbender’s babies now, very much.

He has the superpower of I can't take my eyes off him.

Outside of my enduring love for Erik Lensherr and his superpower of being the best mutant ever, I also very much enjoyed Banshee, who was totally adorable and had such a deep voice for such a skinny kid, and Havok, who (if I remember correctly, and I don’t guarantee that I do) is totally Cyclops’s older brother!

Banshee, I would totally tousle your hair when my new boyfriend Young Magneto isn't looking.

I was not so much a fan of the ladies, but I figure Mystique needs some time to grow into her awesomeness and stop saying “Mutant and Proud,” because that is really annoying, thankyouverymuch. I’m not sure what could improve Moira MacTaggert or Angel, but Emma Frost was about what I expected, which is just fine.

You know, sexy, blonde, kind of ridiculous looking in crystal form.

But that doesn’t matter, because did I mention that scene where Magneto stabs the Nazi in the hand and then magnetics another Nazi to death, then stabs some other guy with the knife, then magnetics the knife out of him and stabs the Nazi in the hand again and then shoots that guy? Because I meant to mention that scene if I didn’t.

Although I do hate the codename "Magneto," because I'm always like, "But magnets can't do that!"

And also the scene where he rips that ship to shreds with the anchor?

I couldn't find any pictures of that scene, so please enjoy this image of Michael Fassbender and a glass of water. I know I will.

Also where he pulls the submarine out of the water?

While he's in an experimental jet?

Plus, thanks to X-Men: First Class, I finally know that Sebastian Shaw has the power of energy absorption, like that guy in Stormwatch. Except that guy was Russian and not Kevin Bacon.

I've never understood why his codename was Winter, though.

I also learned that Charles Xavier has been a prissy little bitch, but that I don’t mind it as much when it’s coming from Jean-Luc Picard.

I think it's the dignified manner that makes me more forgiving.

In conclusion, I totally will forgive this movie for killing off the guy whose superpower was “adapting to survive” as long as there is a second movie that will explain what happened to all these super-awesome mutants and also has more scenes of Michael Fassbender doing situps or something.

Or, um, anything really.

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Gandalf vs. Magneto

September 5, 2011 at 11:56 am (Fictional Character Battles) (, , , , , )

I know, I know. You’d think this would be a battle between Gandalf and that one wizard from the Harry Potter books who looks a lot like him because everybody is always comparing the two. And I suppose it would be, except what is that wizard’s name anyway?

Also: Two Ian McKellans! You can’t go wrong with that.

Especially when the Internet has gone to the trouble of photoshopping their pictures together for you!

On to the battle!

Physicality. Gandalf is a wizard in the Lord of the Rings who looks pretty much the way you’d expect a wizard to do, with the bonus of being portrayed by Ian McKellan.

Who I suspect is actually a wizard himself.

Magneto is a master of magnetism, who, like many a robot before him, hates puny humans. Also, he has the bonus of being portrayed by Ian McKellan. Both these guys look like Ian McKellan, so it’s a tie, right? Not so fast, friend! Magneto was played by that one guy in the prequel, who was hot, but not so hot, apparently, that I can remember his name. Still, he was pretty hot.

Ever so hot.

Winner? Magneto.

More powerful? Magneto, as mentioned previously, is a master of magnetism. Which means blah blah blah science, he is practically all powerful. Also, he can kick Wolverine’s ass a lot, which is funny. Also, he has a cool (?) helmet that blocks Professor X’s mind control.

Everybody needs a mind power-blocking helmet, I swear.

On the other hand, Gandalf is a powerful wizard. At first he’s a grey wizard, but then, after a battle against a flame monster, he becomes a white wizard somehow. (What? Yes, I didn’t read the books, as a matter of fact, why do you ask?) White wizards are something something magic, so he’s all powerful too. Although he doesn’t have the nifty helmet.

It's iconic!

Winner? Gandalf, because magic beats science any day. Well, except in reality, but reality can go to hell.

Has a cooler entourage? It’s not like people (read as: mutants and wizards) as powerful as Magneto and Gandalf really have a lot of friends. No, they have followers. And who follows Magneto? Well, in the first X-Men movie, you’ve got Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad. Bonus points for Toad being played by Ray Park, a god among men.

A god, I tell you!

In the second movie, it’s mostly Mystique, but then Johnny Whatsisname hooks up with them, so that’s cool, I guess. In the third movie, let’s pretend I had a stroke and never saw it.

Instead, let's think about just how much ass Mystique kicked up until that point.

Gandalf is part of a fellowship, some might say. The fellowship includes some hobbits, an extremely pretty elf with the superpower of arrowing you right in the brains…

Yup, someone's about to get it in the brains, all right.

…some human guy with a magic sword or something (What? Why, yes, I did kind of zone out during the movies, why do you ask?) and a dwarf. Bonus points for the dwarf being played by Jonathan Rhys Davies, a king among men.

A veritable king.

Winner? The guy with all the mutants on his side: Magneto.

Fights a greater evil? Gandalf and his fellowship must face off against the mighty Sauron, who is so evil he manifests as a giant, hideous eye floating in the sky. That’s pretty evil, I  guess. On the other hand, Magneto is the great evil that must be defeated in the X-Men movies and comic books. So, uh, winner? Gandalf.

Better costume? Gandalf’s costume is the traditional wizard garb of a flowing cloak and magic staff (or walking cane, I guess. I totally didn’t see the third movie at all). Magneto’s costume is the traditional evil villain garb of smashing black with a dandy cape. Also, he’s got that helmet.

Except in this picture, for some reason.

Winner? Magneto.

Doesn’t murder any hobbits? You know, for an all-powerful being forced to spend so much time with those annoying little hobbits, Gandalf sure kills way less of them than you would think. The total is none, as far as I can tell, but if he goes on some sort of hobbit-murdering spree in the third movie, I’m sure someone will correct me in the comments. And insult my parentage. Magneto also doesn’t kill any hobbits, but he does kill a bunch of humans, so we’ll give this one to Gandalf. Winner? Gandalf.

I mean, just looking at this photo sends me into a murderous rage.

Doesn’t have to deal with any hideous little henchmen? Sure, some people might think it’s hideous the way Toad uses his tongue for … well, everything, but those people have forgotten that he’s played by Ray Park and Ray Park wins at everything. Then you’ve got the third X-Men movie, which doesn’t exist. Moving right along, Gandalf has to put up with Gollum, one of the most hideous pieces of CGI ever put to film. Winner? Magneto.

Has better hair? Man, I’ll bet it takes Gandalf hours to comb all the tangles out. Winner? Gandalf.

I'll bet it would look nice in an updo, too.

The tiebreaker: Has a cooler means of transportation? Gandalf rides on a magical white horse, which is cool, because how does he keep that thing from getting dirty? (Magic, right?) On the other hand, Magneto uses the power of magnetism to fly, which I’m sure is totally scientifically possible.

Winner? Magneto.

Overall winner? Magneto, but it might have been Gandalf if I cared more about the source material.

Sure, it's filled with references from Norse mythology, but it's just so ... hobbit-y, you know?

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I will probably have to see X-Men: First Class

June 1, 2011 at 11:20 am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, , , )

Sometimes, it’s nice when a faltering franchise rewards us by putting out a new movie that looks HOLY CRAP COMPLETELY AWESOME.

I'm sorry, but this movie looks brilliant and I can't think of a single snarky thing to say.

I mean, did you see the way Michael Fassbender was doing stuff? Things and stuff?

Stuff and things?

(Seriously, I think you could put Michael Fassbender in a movie extolling the virtues of quilting and wearing traveling pants, and I would be tempted to watch it, because have you seen that man? Such screen presence! Such physical beauty!)

I think I could be happily married to this man's jawline alone.

Oooh, oooh, and then there’s Beast and Emma Frost and Charles Xavier and Banshee and some other X-Men that I really can’t remember their names but they look really cool, and I don’t know, maybe it’s ’cause it’s set in the ’60s, but doesn’t this movie seem really classy to you guys too?

Soooooo retro!

And I love how it makes it pretty clear that, yeah, Professor X is a dick, and he knows it and everyone knows it, and it’s OK because he’s totally got superpowers.

Or cluster headaches. Superpowers or cluster headaches.

Also, the special effects are just gorgeous, and the action sequences, and just everything! I have to see this movie.

And join the Michael Fassbender fan club.

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An open plea to James Marsden

March 30, 2011 at 11:06 am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (, , , , )

Dear James Marsden,

You are so talented and cute and funny, and you make me so sad. Why do you make me so sad?

Awwww, look how huggable you are here! Do you need a hug? You do! You do need a hug!

Let’s look at your resume, shall we?

Ally McBeal?

Ooooh, Portia de Rossi has such pretty hair, though.

27 Dresses?

That's a lot of dresses. Also? What a stupid movie.

Superman Returns?

An open plea to the makers of the new Superman film: no grit. Please. Superman isn't gritty. PS: thank you for not casting Kate Bosworth.

 X-Men: The Last Stand?

I mean, at least they let your character get killed off right away, but that was only so you could be in the aforementioned Superman Returns, so it's like two layers of suck here.

I mean, sure, there’s some winners in there, like X-Men and X2 and Enchanted, but then you do a voice part in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore?

I don't mind that Scott Summers is a wanker when he's being played by you, James Marsden.

(Why is this post mostly questions?)

James Marsden, what I am saying, sir, is this: Please stop starring in movies like Hop, which is a Russell Brand vehicle for some reason, because someone apparently wants that stringy-haired Brit to be famous. More famous? (Like, Arthur? What the hell is up with that?)

And why the hair? What with the hair?

(Why can’t I stop phrasing things in the form of questions today? Am I channeling Alex Trebek?)

And if I am, I hope it's the fabulously mustachioed-era Alex Trebek.

To continue, James Marsden, I implore you to be in films that are worthy of 1) your looks; 2) your comedic timing; 3) your looks again; 4) your acting ability; and 5) definitely your looks some more.

It's just that they're quite tremendous, is all.

I’m trying to think of some good suggestions right now, but nothing is coming to me.

Just not the new Wonder Woman television series, OK?

It's going to suck. We all know it's going to suck. Her awesome figure cannot distract from how BADLY the new Wonder Woman is going to suck.

Thanks for your consideration.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m not seeing Hop.)

I'm sorry, James Marsden, but I just won't do it.

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